The various Brick connectors can be connected very easily for individual solutions, thereby turning simple, as well as complex electro-technical themes into an experience. The open system allows extending components and adding own connectors for experiments, too. The system is also suitable for HF experiments, thereby making it unique worldwide. The Brick’R’knowledge connectors have an easy-to-use, yet extremely reliable connection system to join the various components. Depending on the type, the connectors offer the possibility of adding up to four further components, and thereby developing a complex and comprehensive system.

Besides the physical connection, the connector system also takes over the communication between the individual elements. Two of the four contacts are reserved for the voltage feedback (0V) and facilitate the build-up of more complex circuits. Brick’R’knowledge enables both –an optimized start into the electro-technical world for the beginner, and practical clarification of complex technical connections for the advanced user. Regardless whether newcomer or professional, the system always works according to the same principle. The different connectors complement each other perfectly in their functioning, and can thus be used very well to implement individual projects.

The construction set can be utilized for explaining the basics of electro-technology in primary school just as well as for complicated student projects, because it adapts easily to the different level of knowledge of the user.